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The 7 Things You Can Add to Your Room to Make it More Aesthetic

Got the decorating bug? We get it. Reorganizing and getting your room together makes it feel like you’re getting your life together (even when it’s falling apart).

comfort bedroom with pillows and picture | The 7 Things You Can Add to Your Room to Make it More Aesthetic
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But really, finding new pieces and mixing and matching furniture and decor gives us a joy like no other. If you want your room to have that extra flair, check out our suggestions for what you can add for the aesthetic.

Decorative rugs

Rugs make all the difference when you have an eye for design. They can completely pull a room together just by being there. Choose from funky designs to monochromatic throws – they’ll only make things better!

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Large and small mirrors

A great thing about mirrors is that they make everything seem bigger and brighter. Because they reflect light, you’ll see that mirrors can do much more for your room than any other piece of decor.

Rattan pieces & baskets

Soak in the island vibe with some rattan pieces and woven baskets. They’re a great way for you to get creative with their uses and support local brands.

Grid walls

This is a more funky and expressive way to let everyone know what you’re interested in. Hang some postcards, pictures, or tickets on your grid wall and let your personality shine.

Fun prints

Another way to customize your room is to hang up fun prints. This can be your beloved BTS poster or favorite film or album – anything goes! Have it framed or simply stick it up. They’ll reflect a piece of you.


Hate big blank walls? Tapestries are the way to go. All you need to do is hang them up and you’ve got instant wall decor. Choose from classic bohemian prints to spiritual zodiac, sun/moon combos.

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Plant holders

And last but not least, get a plant holder! These make for cute little spots on your wall where life can flourish. They’re a great way to liven up your room.

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