The Appeal of the Cottagecore Aesthetic

When the world went into lockdown, internet aesthetics emerged and rose in popularity. What started as an expression of these aesthetics on TikTok via fashion has evolved into so much more – to the point where some people are making these aesthetics into a lifestyle. In a way, these aesthetics allowed people to escape the confines of their quarantine, albeit online. 

One such aesthetic that has grown in popularity is cottagecore. It idealizes a western agricultural life where people are self-sufficient and live away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visualize a cottage surrounded in nature, a woman frolicking in the fields, and farm animals that’ll keep you company. There are many aspects to the cottagecore aesthetic but these are some motifs that make it up.

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With all the lockdowns, it’s hard not to imagine a different type of life than the one we’re currently living, and these internet aesthetics give us an idea of what we could be living. The cottagecore aesthetic has resulted in some people wanting to live the cottaecore life – where a simple and slow life is preferred – even if it usually entails living alone. At least in choosing the cottagecore life, they have a choice in their isolation. 

Cottagecore is so appealing because it’s an escapist fantasy. It’s also rooted in nostalgia as a pastoral lifestyle was prevalent in the past. Now that the pandemic has changed life as we know it, it’s so easy to romanticize rural living. And for those of us who don’t have the means to pack up their stuff and live in a cottage in the woods, we content ourselves with consuming cottagecore content online, wearing cottagecore clothing, or even playing games that let us live the cottagecore lifestyle.

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