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The Best Things About Being in a Relationship

Aside from having someone to post all the time, there are many benefits to being in a relationship. Yes, cuddles and holding hands are part of it, but relationships give a thousand times more than that.

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From love and companionship to reaching new horizons (together), relationships really are a rollercoaster ride of learning, loving, and changing. There’s something about sharing your life with someone that really helps you flourish as a partner and a person in general.

If you’d like to know why having a significant other is a good thing, here are a couple things you get out of it:

Life lessons about sharing and compromise

When you’ve decided to commit to being a partner to someone wholeheartedly, that means sharing. A lot.

It means sharing your meals, your bed, your car, your things, your feelings (!!!) and basically your life. You’ll learn to become more selfless and more considerate of your significant other, and will think of putting their needs before yours.

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And sometimes, because you spend too much time together, you’ll also end up fighting. When two people fight, they must learn how to compromise. Meeting in the middle and making sure everyone’s needs are met is the most basic level of a healthy relationship and of social development.

two women lying in bed
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Compromise extends to relationships in the family and in the workplace, and your ability to compromise with your S.O. is a really good place to start.

Part-time lover, full-time friend

One of the best things about linking up with someone is definitely that they become your best friend. They’re your partner in crime for every outing, every event, and most of your-to-day happenings.

And this doesn’t mean that they become your only friend. It means that you have the intimacy of being proximally close but also have the option to give each other space to experience life separately.

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The bottom line is that you now have a go-to person for everything. You can tell them about your day, call them when you have an emergency, and just plain depend on them to be there for you when you need them. And I don’t know about you, but that security is very comforting.

Continuous learning and growth

As you get to know and understand someone, you start to see some parts of yourself that you never knew existed. Participating in a relationship allows you to reflect and learn about how you react and how you understand.

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You’ll be able to see how stubborn or loving you are, what you get annoyed at, and what makes you sad. It’s the realization of all these findings that you begin to really grow as a person. You’ll be able to pinpoint your good points, and your bad points, and actively work on them for the betterment of your relationship.

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And honestly, being in a relationship is just experiencing the best of life with someone else.

So for all those people who hate on relationships and commitment, it’s hard to say, but relationships are actually fun. They don’t always work out, but it’s the dedicated time, effort, and love that you pour into someone that makes it all worth it.


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