“The Devil”: What It Means To Find It In Your Tarot Readings

Put that holy water away, child. You’re not getting a visit from the big D himself.

Along with many misunderstood cards, “The Devil” occurs next to “Death.” You won’t be getting possessed anytime soon; calm down. But it does mean many things, and if ever it does show up in your readings, you better listen up. 


“The Devil,” no matter what representation, is always the “darker” side of the coin. You could essay the same for people. There is a “Devil” within all of us, which is what this card points out. Its dark desires, fantasies, and sometimes even negative forces keep you from evolving into someone you could be.

A lot of the time, it’s some kind of bondage towards a shadow-self. Something that is not you but a part of you that you try to suppress. The card, when upright, talks about a possible addiction to something that chains you to this darker version of yourself and restrains you from moving forward. 


When reversed, the card tells you to face these dark thoughts and confront this shadow-self. It is to break free from the chains of what holds you back, like addiction or guilty pleasures. 

“The Devil,” when reversed, is telling you to limit yourself from the things that chain you to addiction and this darker side. By eliminating the things that bind you or slowly decreasing them, you are on the way to a life-altering change. 

It is time to explore these thoughts and face them to move on and live your life to the best that it can. 


It’s getting devilishly spicy. 

“The Devil,” in relationships, signifies kinky stuff (that’s right, wink). It means dark and maybe even taboo fetishes that surface within your relationship that often start from exploring one’s sexuality. The card calls you to explore this sexuality with caution, as it may be too much for you or your partner. 

With the topic of sex, the card also represents new love. A new love binds two people together, be it between two people romantically or between a mother and her newborn child. 

It’s a fresh romance that presents many new possibilities…and consequences. So make sure to stay alert. You might turn this newly found romance into something toxic and restraining. 

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Lastly, when the card comes to your deck, it tells you to detach yourself. “The Devil” asks you to separate yourself from material things. Carnal desires; Things that continue to limit who you have yet to be. So take the time to think about what may be holding you back, as “The Devil” asks you to Let. Them. Go. 

Art Daniella Sison


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