This YouTuber Successfully Cooked a Chicken by Slapping it 135,000 Times

A few years ago, someone asked on the subreddit called r/NoStupidQuestions how hard do they have to slap a chicken for it to be cooked. 

A physics major then calculated it and according to him, it would take 23,034 average slaps to cook a chicken. Numerous memes sprang up from his answer, but no one really succeeded in cooking a chicken by slapping it. 

This YouTuber Successfully Cooked a Chicken by Slapping it 135,000 Times
photo from boredpanda

That is until this YouTuber came along and did it. 

Louis Weisz is a creative strategist, analyst, and problem solver. Most of his YouTube videos are experiments, so it’s only natural that he’ll be cooking a chicken by slapping it.

His first attempt to cook a chicken by slapping wasn’t exactly successful. The chicken was slapped so hard that it destroyed the chicken completely. Definitely not safe for him to eat. 

However, he did learn a lot from his first try. He streamed the whole process and got input from his viewers. 

Which is why two months after his first attempt, he posted another video wherein he successfully cooked the chicken by slapping it. After hitting it 135,000 times for over six hours, the chicken was finally cooked. 

While he initially planned to eat the chicken, he didn’t go through with it since the chicken wasn’t really in the ideal condition to be eaten. However, it reached the right temperature for it to be cooked, and it was “pink and juicy” when he sliced it open.


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