Tiendesitas Often Sells Sick Pets to Unknowing Customers

If there’s any time to boycott something, it’s now. We all know that the popular Pet Village section in Tiendesitas sells some of the cutest animals, especially puppies. Rows and rows of wide-eyed dogs and cats are visible throughout the entire pavilion, making any pet parent excited over the possibilities.

Tiendesitas Often Sells Sick Pets to Unknowing Customers
Photo from Zuriel Shots

But what many may not know is that the majority of these pets are actually sick.

Highly contagious diseases like distemper and parvo are rampant throughout the pet shops, with many young animals suffering from symptoms like fever, lethargy, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and loss of appetite among others.

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These diseases have been present in these stores for years, leading to a number of deaths for unsuspecting pet parents. Reports of sick and dying puppies being sold to customers from the Tiendesitas area have circulated in the past, with not much action being done due to lack of information.

A thread posted by a concerned owner in the popular Facebook group Who’s Your Pupper? revealed that many other individuals have experienced buying pets in shabby condition from Pet Village.

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Photo from Who’s Your Pupper? Facebook

The post garnered hundreds of comments with pet parents detailing similar experiences of sick puppies suddenly losing energy or refusing to eat, only to be diagnosed with parvo later on.

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While some irresponsible sellers may claim that the animal caught the disease from outside their shop, it’s important to note that diseases like parvo and distemper are contagious and need a certain amount of time before symptoms can show.

This is proof that the disease most likely came from another sick animal at the shop and that the entire area is probably contaminated.

The sale of these sick pets has caused owners deep heartache and devastation, as many of these animals die within the week. Some do survive, but most are not so lucky.

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Pet shops like the ones in Pet Village most likely get their supply of animals from backyard breeders or puppy mills, which are both inadequate places for pets to be. Backyard breeders lack the certification and experience to breed pets for sale, while puppy mills encourage mass breeding in very poor conditions.

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You can tell how well a pet is being taken care of by the way the seller is handling it. Most pet shops only care for the sale, and would rather not spend on vet bills, proper vaccines, and medication.

That’s why, if you’re out to choose a new pet, it’s really so much better to adopt. There are a couple of organizations in the Philippines that work to rescue and rehabilitate neglected and abused animals.

If you have your eye on a specific breed, it’s important to NOT buy from pet shops and go for legitimate breeders who are aware of breed standards and are properly certified. This is the best way to ensure that you receive a pet that is healthy and well taken care of.

As for the poor conditions in pet shops in Tiendesitas and Cartimar, we can only hope that with enough complaints, these establishments will have higher standards for animal care or shut down for good. The animals don’t deserve such treatment.  


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