Top 7 Dramas You Need to Check Out on IFlix

Sometimes, we all just need a good cry. And most of the time, we’re too shy to actually do it. 

If you’re looking for a reason to let out all your pent up emotions, opt to watch a tearjerker instead!

Not sure which movie or show to watch will make you cry? Here are some dramas you can try:



Expect beautiful cinematography, complex characters, and an amazing plot when you watch this show about a modern-day deity who has lived for centuries. Rest assured that this fantasy romance will make you laugh until your sides hurt and more importantly, make you ugly cry. 

The Beauty Inside


Like Goblin, The Beauty Inside has an all-star cast – most of them starring as the leading lady’s lover! This is because the movie is about a man who wakes up in a different body everyday and a woman who falls in love with him despite this phenomenon. This is where the drama comes in. 

Love You to the Stars and Back


Boy meets girl, then girl brings him along her journey to be abducted by aliens. This quirky film may sound lighthearted on the surface, but it actually delves into something more serious once you get to know its characters!

Kita Kita


Kita Kita tells the story of a woman who becomes temporarily blind and a man who helps her see beauty in the world despite her lack of vision. This lighthearted film will surprise you and make you cry with its ending. 

Winter Sonata


A K-Drama classic, Winter Sonata is about a man who meets his love while searching about his past. Aside from this being a tearjerker, this drama is said to have launched the Korean Wave around the world. 

Beautiful World 


A drama about two different families whose lives become entwined because of a bullying incident, Beautiful World isn’t your usual romantic K-Drama. Each episode is a roller coaster of emotions, which is why this drama got a spot in this list. 

The Way Back 


If you don’t have time to finish a movie or a whole series, then The Way Back is perfect for you! This short film explores the burden of taking care of an aging family member, and you can’t help but feel bad for both the man and his uncle as the story unfolds. 

Looking for a wealth of drama movies that will give you a roller coaster of emotions? IFlix is the answer. Sign up now and you will never be bored again!

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