‘Tis The Season For More IG-Worthy Content With The vivo X80 Series

Share your best snaps taken from the best smartphone.

These days, being updated with your loved ones’ whereabouts is easily accessible with just a few taps. Instagram now dominates our feed with visually appealing looks and places. And since the holiday season is coming up, there are more merry moments to share online.

Although not a requirement, having a powerful phone with extraordinary camera features may come in handy if you love taking snaps and sharing them with the your circles.

Find your aesthetic

Do you love taking portraits of the people you see or the food you have for the day? Whatever your aesthetic choice is, color plays a huge role in telling a story through pictures. Having an Instagrammable and curated post can also attract the vibe that you want, as well as followers that have similar interests to yours.

Good thing there’s the vivo X80, the latest addition to vivo’s smartphone lineup. The vivo X80 smartphone also comes in a Pro variant feature that has 140-color cards for you to access richer color shades and new color standards without using a photo-editing app.

The vivo color memory system, made with the pioneer in scientific optics, ZEISS, enables the vivo X80 phone to effortlessly achieve balanced hue, saturation, and tint any time you take a photo.

Want to mimic a scenic moment you’ve seen in films? Then consider using vivo X80 series’ over eight LUTS styles. Speaking of portraits, ZEISS also lets you choose among five bokeh styles that will make your photo charismatic, cinematic, and professional-looking—even though you aren’t a professional photographer yet.

Showcase your art

Art isn’t only reserved for museums and galleries, they can also be shown on your Instagram feed. After all, these Insta-worthy photos deserve exposure, and there’s no better smartphone than the vivo X80 to achieve the feed that you want. 

The vivo X80 series also has the ZEISS T* coating, a multi-layer coating technology that allows the camera to take vivid photographs complete with maximum light intensity and blue sensitivity. The coating shields protect the optical glass from dust and stray light. If you love taking photos of nature and other scenic views, then you’ll be happy with this smartphone.

Say goodbye to grainy and pixelated photos even without a light source, because the vivo X80 is equipped with the vivo V1+ chip. The V1+ chip eliminates all these issues with ease by automatically adjusting the camera settings to produce bright photographs and videos. 

Document your best days with the new vivo X80. You can check out vivo’s website and social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for more updates.

Featured Image Macky Arquilla

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