Want a Break from True Crime? Check Out These 7 Feel-Good Docuseries on Netflix

With the age of streaming, more and more people have had access to docuseries. Whether it’s a deep dive into an academic field or an anthology of profiles or features exploring a human interest topic, you always finish them learning a bit more about the world. 

Since docuseries feature real-world events and phenomena, though, it’s not a surprise that many of them explore darker themes like true crime or grim conspiracy series. So, if you’re looking for a docuseries that’s more feel-good, here are some to check out: 


What’s more uplifting than dogs? In each episode of this docuseries, you will uncover a heartwarming story with man’s best friend at the center. If you’re a dog person or you just love crying happy tears over features about overcoming challenges and forming bonds, this is definitely the series for you. 

Cat People 

Are you more of a cat person? If so, the creator of Dogs, Glen Zipper, has you covered too. In this docuseries, you get to meet different people whose relationship with cats is a huge part of who they are or what they do. You’ll enjoy learning about the different ways these humans’ experiences are made fuller by the role of their feline friends in their lives.

We Are the Champions

There are tons of competitions in the world, from sports to academic fields, that are given the spotlight. With We Are the Champions, however, you get to see the more unique and lesser appreciated skills, from cheese rolling to frog jumping, being practiced by people ready to give it their all when it’s time to fight for the gold.

Worn Stories

Clothes are a huge part of being human. They can represent culture, necessity, art, individuality, memories, and so much more. This is exactly what Worn Stories is about. Each episode features people talking about their most significant pieces of clothing and the stories, from funny anecdotes to heartwarming tales, they hold. 


Love on the Spectrum 

In this docuseries, the culture around dating and relationships for people with autism is explored through profiles of young adults on the spectrum. If you like learning about the various ways people on the spectrum approach finding love, Love on the Spectrum is the heartwarming watch to stream right now. 

My Love: Six Stories of True Love

Another one that celebrates romance is this docuseries featuring six couples all over the world. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a cynic, you’ll appreciate the artistry of the way the profiles tell the story of each couple, all of whom have been together for decades and have the enduring love to show for it. 

Ugly Delicious

Following celebrity chef David Chang as he takes a cross-cultural adventure looking for the world’s most delicious food, Ugly Delicious is the funny and eye-opening show that will have you drooling. When you’re done with this series, you’ll find that you’ve learned so much about different dishes, the tradition and culture they represent, and the innovations they’ve inspired. 

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