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5 Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Anxiety

Keeping track of your mental health is crucial, and this is especially true in these uncertain times. To say that 2020 has brought with it many stressors that add weight to our personal problems is an understatement. So, if you are struggling to keep your anxiety in check, here are some mobile apps that can make your self-care routine a bit easier:


This app is excellent for those who often experience anxiety attacks. Its standout function is the “Rootr,” which you activate just by tapping the app’s red button. It will proceed to guide you through your attacks by giving statements (which you can either read or listen to) that will help ground you. 

Rootd also has visualization and breathing tools and tracks your mental health journey through how often you practice these meditation techniques.

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Talking to a chatbot about your anxieties might feel strange at first, but this AI tool is actually pretty effective for many people. Through its questions and suggestions, it prompts users to be more mindful of how their thought processes work and where certain emotions are stemming from. By venting to Wysa and being open to its advice and guided techniques, you may be able to get a clearer look at your anxiety and how you can approach it. 

Aside from the chat function, Wysa also provides many exercises, such as anger management and mindfulness packs, that help you battle hurdles in your mental health.

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MindShift covers pretty much all the bases when it comes to anxiety management. You create entries where you can rate your overall disposition and how bad your anxiety is and log symptoms of anxiety that will help you track any patterns in the long run. 

It also provides resources about the different kinds of anxiety so you can learn more about the specific type you’re experiencing and how to cope with it. Additionally, they offer several anxiety management tools – from guided thought experiments to challenges that help you face your fears – for you to choose from. 

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Need help seeing the patterns of your anxiety and other mental health problems? Moodpath asks daily questions about your disposition to help you pin down your emotions. Each entry helps you assess both your negative and positives feelings and prompts you to note down thoughts you’re having. This exercise alone can help you be more mindful about your emotions, and the app also gives you an assessment of your emotional health according to your entries every two weeks.

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While this app isn’t specifically for anxiety, it helps you learn to love meditation, which cultivates mindfulness and relaxation. This is for people who have been told several times that meditation will help their anxiety but can’t seem to get the hang of it. Atom doesn’t just provide guided meditation sessions perfect for beginners but, through creating an effective reminder setup and daily articles that promote self-affirmation, it also helps you form and stick to the habit as well. 

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