FreebieMNL - 5 Things To Cheer Yourself Up This Rainy Season

5 Things To Cheer Yourself Up This Rainy Season

The rainy season can certainly dampen the mood and there’s a logical reason for that. Our bodies need sunlight so the lack of Vitamin D during this season could have you feeling down. Being stuck indoors doesn’t have to be a terrible thing, though, and we’ve rounded up a list of things you could do to cheer you up.  

Dance Party

Blast your favorite playlist (but still be mindful not to disrupt your neighbors) and have a dance party at home. Never mind that you’ve got two left feet — just dance your woes away. The light cardio will barely feel like a workout and the endorphins will make you feel good afterward.

5 Things To Cheer Yourself Up This Rainy Season
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Burst into Song

Karaoke, or videoke as we call it in the Philippines, has been ingrained in our culture. It’s a staple at parties and celebrations because we all know that music can bond people. Punch in your go-to song and sing your heart out until you feel better.

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Read a book

Now’s the perfect weather to pick up that book you’ve been putting off for so long. Think of it as a much-needed break from social media and unplug for a while. Don’t forget to grab a snack and make yourself a cup of tea before getting lost in the pages.

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Take a Nap

Even adults need a nap and it’s proven to be beneficial. The Sleep Foundation claims some of the health benefits of napping include improved mood and energy level, as well as increased awareness. The ambient pitter-patter of rain on the window and the cool weather will help lull you to sleep.

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Host a Watch Party

Your friends might not be able to come over for a movie marathon but that doesn’t mean you have to watch alone. Thanks to technology, you can host a watch party and invite them for a night of feel-good movies. Check out this list of other online party ideas for you and your barkada.

Make the time indoors enjoyable instead of sulking around. The weather might be gloomy but that doesn’t mean you should be too.

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