All the major body ailments you might develop from being stuck at home

Being stuck in quarantine, people are bound to succumb to a sedentary lifestyle. This could mean trouble for your health in more ways than just weight gain. Here’s a rundown of what you might suffer from by staying inactive while at home.

Weight gain and weight-related problems

Perhaps the most obvious downside of getting stuck in quarantine is getting fat from all the binge-eating we do out of boredom.

However, aside from a change in appearance, overeating can also snowball into a whole group of ailments such as nausea, hormone imbalance, sleep irregularity, and heart problems. If left unchecked, it might even result to specific types of cancer.

High blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar from poor diet

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It might not be the quantity that’s the problem, but the quality of what you eat. Due to a lack of options, you  might have been munching too much on foods high in fat, salt, carbohydrates, or cholesterol.

Without a balanced diet, you’re looking at heightened risk of heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension which can lead to stroke, or colon cancer

Bone, muscle, and joint issues from lack of exercise

Lockdown means less movement for all of us who used to pass off our daily commutes as the only workout we get. Less movement, in turn, means our muscles lose strength, our bones stiffen, and our joints undergo more pressure, increasing the risk of arthritis.

Our endurance, flexibility, and metabolism also wane the longer we loaf around the house.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and posture strains

1200px Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
from Wikimedia Commons

If your work-from-home arrangement compels you to sit behind your study desk, hunched over your computer, and type the hours away, then you’re bound to develop pains in your neck, wrist, and back.

If ignored for too long, you might suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, misaligned posture, and breathing difficulties, all of which can have irreversible impacts to your body.

Aggravated mental health conditions

We also can’t disregard the detrimental effects that extended isolation can do to our mental health.

More people are experiencing bouts of anxiety and depression in this period due to life feeling uprooted and solitary. The sooner we accept that feeling this is normal, the sooner we can rebuild our routines and feel better.

To stay physically and mentally fit during quarantine, we must all try to be active and interactive. Get up, get moving, and get your friends to do the same too!

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