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Here’s the deal – our bodies are all made different. From varying strengths and weaknesses to different needs, testing out the waters of multiple workouts can be daunting. You might even wonder – why is my routine not working out the way it’s supposed to? 

Don’t figure it out all on your own. Bare MNL offers BLACK, the world’s most effective workout – truly, no gimmicks and fads just incredible simple science. 

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BLACK consists of functional weight training and HIIT, made to fire-up your metabolism and optimally activate muscles. You can get fat burning and high on endorphins even after workout hours. 

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Trust us, this works! Start your own success story at home for free with BARE MNL. Email [email protected] to sign up with Freebie MNL and avail of their one week free trial. No commitment, cancel anytime!

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