FreebieMNL - Biking Tips for the Newly Interested Cyclist

Biking Tips for the Newly Interested Cyclist

Cycling has become a surprising after-effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, gaining a large following of enthusiasts and even leading to the establishment of bike lines in certain areas of the Metro.

As the sport continues to grow, more and more people are deciding to ditch the car and get some fresh air and exercise. If you’re just getting into the cycling game, you should check out a couple of these tips.

Secure the essentials

FreebieMNL - Biking Tips for the Newly Interested Cyclist
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When you first get into the hobby, you’ll see that the number of things to buy for cycling is endless. All the upgrades, extra parts, and even clothing and gear that you can purchase is really not necessary. It’s nice to shop around, but you should probably spend some time on the road to know what you need before you think of upgrading your bike. Instead, invest in the essentials, like helmets and other protective gear. The best part about riding a bike is just that it’s fun, and you don’t need fancy upgrades to do that.

Prioritize comfort and safety

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Don’t buy a big bike if you can’t handle a big bike. Before you get into cycling, assess first which kind of bicycle fits you best. If you want to cruise, you should look at foldable bikes or a Japanese bike. If you’re looking for something more athletic, try a mountain bike. Your priority should be your own comfort and safety. When you get the proper bike, you ride better and feel better as well.

Keep healthy while on the road

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Whether you’re trying it out as a sport or not, cycling is no joke. It’s a legit form of exercise that can be dangerous if you’re not fully prepared or hydrated. Always keep some snacks like granola bars or sandwiches with you while you’re biking to make sure you have energy on your trip. Water is a no-brainer; avoid dehydration by having a refillable bottle with you at all times.

Be knowledgeable about your bike

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Like with a car, it’s also important to know all the little things about your bike. You should be aware of all its functions and know how to operate it before you hit the road. This will minimize accidents and enhance your biking trip. Plus, knowing how to use your bike undoubtedly makes cycling more fun!

Make some friends

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Lastly, cycling is actually a social hobby. Many cyclists love to talk about the thrill of riding and all the places they get to see through cycling. You can try joining groups online or just meeting up with your friends. It’s a great hobby that actually becomes better when you make friends and learn how to ride in a group. All in all, it’s life-changing!

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