Bretman’s Workout Routine to Look Snatched

Should Bretman Rock add the title gym trainer in his biography next time? Even in quarantine, he’s been looking snatched, and in a recent YouTube upload, the Baddest B shares his workout routine that you could follow at home. The workouts focus on the chest, cardio, and abs and require minimal equipment. All you need is a mat and a jump rope.


Stretching before and after a workout is essential. Bretman uses a PVC pipe to aid with the stretches but that is optional. Work on the muscle groups you’ll be training that day — in this instance, it’s the shoulder, forearms, core, and legs.

Chest Workout

Do 4 sets of these, with 10 repetitions of each exercise. Take a 15-second rest after each exercise, and a 2-minute rest after each set. Don’t forget to engage your core when doing push-ups.  

  • Regular push-ups.
  • Diamond push-ups.
  • Spider push-ups. (Substitute this with Skull Crusher push-ups if it’s too difficult.)
  • 3 seconds hold push-ups.

Jumping to Conclusions

Bretman’s preferred cardio is jumping ropes and he shows a time-lapse of him finessing the workout.

  • Jump rope for 10 minutes. To challenge yourself, do 3 burpees each time you mess up.
  • Finish it off with 1 minute of double-under. (Substitute for 1 minute of alternate leg single-under.)
Bretman Rock's workout routine
Photo: YouTube/Bretman Rock

ABSolutely Not

This ab workout is a ladder drill and will make you want to get things over and done with. Take 10 seconds to rest after each repetition but try to take as few breaks as possible in between each set.

  • 20 crunches.
  • 40 in-and-outs.
  • 60-seconds planks.
  • 20 planks side to side.
  • 40 mountain climbers.
  • 60 scissor kicks.
  • 20 leg raises.
  • 40 toe touch.
  • 60-seconds 6 inches leg hold.

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As a disclaimer, Bretman is not a professional trainer. He’s simply sharing his workout routine. He has been doing sports his whole life and a lot of the things he knows are from his past coaches and trainers. Modify the workouts to your ability.

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