Celebrate Yourself This V-Day With 5 Different Kinds of Self-Love

It’s never wrong to treat yourself right

As Valentine’s comes around, and couples start showing off, the out-of-place feeling can manifest when you don’t exactly have someone to share the love with. Instagram posts of your friends and family receiving flowers and chocolates can understandably make for an uncomfortable Heart’s Day.

But, instead of watching the same sappy movies and feeling #ForeverAlone, choose to do something different! Valentine’s was made to celebrate all kinds of love, even love towards yourself. Luckily, we’ve listed down five different kinds of self-love for you to check out.

Celebrate Yourself This V-Day With 5 Different Kinds of Self-Love


Physical self-love means taking care of your body; too often do we bypass our physical health in favor of work and play, only to feel the after-effects much later. This V-day, give your body the extra TLC it needs by hitting the gym, eating healthy food, and sleeping regularly! Pampering yourself is one of the easiest ways to practice self-love, so don’t be afraid to go all out.


Feed the social butterfly in you by doing all the things you like to do (or would like to do) socially! If you’ve missed out on family gatherings recently, organize one yourself and invite the fam. If you haven’t had the time to hang out with friends, call them out for lunch. Humans are social beings that thrive off of feeling connected, so help yourself by spending quality time with others.


Emotional well-being is extremely important, as some of your actions and decisions are dictated by your emotional state. If you’re looking to practice emotional self-love, try writing in a journal, holding emotional release sessions (through sports, music, or venting with friends), or even spending time with animals! When you take notice of your feelings and work to improve the way you deal with them, you are giving yourself the best kind of self-love around.


Intellectual and mental self-love may be underrated, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth cultivating. Fire up your brain with things that interest or challenge you. Read a book, do a puzzle, play games, or even try to learn new things! All are good ways to get the juices flowing so that you can keep sharp and mentally stimulated.


Spiritual self-love entails a lot of introspection and time with oneself. To practice this, you might turn to meditation, yoga, time with nature, or gatherings in religious groups. Whatever the method, any practice will help you stay more in tune with yourself and the environment, making for a more whole, well-rounded being.

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