Easy New Hobbies to Get You Through the Rest of MECQ

Let’s face it — we’d all rather be doing something else during these precious summer months. But as we get through the rest of MECQ and hope for better days, we can try and pick up a couple of cool hobbies along the way.

Easy New Hobbies to Get You Through the Rest of MECQ
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Always support local and check out a couple of these shops for your new hobby!

DIY miniature houses


DIY miniature houses are good for the soul. They’re tiny, time-consuming, and ultimately rewarding. Have a seat and get to assembling when you purchase from tiny home stores like DIY Miniatures PH and Miniature MNL.

Tarot reading


Get in touch with your inner soul and channel your energy into tarot reading! Tarot reading is a special skill that allows you to understand yourself and others on a deeper and more spiritual level. You can order from The Practical Magical to start your tarot reading journey today.



Who says you can’t learn how to be crafty? Embroidery is a great new hobby for those looking to pick up on a little more creativity. Cute embroidery kits from stores like Antonette Stitches and The Craft Central will have you occupied for hours.



Go retro with your own tie-dye project! Making tie-dye shirts (or sweaters, shirts, and socks — anything really) is a super fun and easy way to dress up your wardrobe. Tie-Dye Kit sells full kits complete with rubber bands, five dyes, a manual, a face mask, gloves, soda ash, and a white t-shirt (if you avail of one). This particular shop also donates to pediatric patients, so go and lend a helping hand buy supporting their business!

Roller skating


Roller skates have come back in style, with many people starting to pick up on the groovy 70s trend. The sport is good for exercise, social distancing, and honestly, just a good time around the block. Check out this shop for some brand new roller skates!

While we may be stuck in ECQ, MECQ, or whatever quarantine/lockdown situation for awhile, we thankfully have the comfort of choosing some hobbies and skills we can learn and enjoy until we’re able to safely hang with others. Who knows? You may just have the time of your life!


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