Getting Off On Your Own: The First-Timer’s Masturbation Guide For Women

Masturbating can be fun, but only if you know what you’re doing.

There’s a possibility that you’ve never touched yourself sexually. You might want to try it out but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry. We’ve got a few female masturbation tips for you, from setting the mood to reaching an orgasm.

The art of female masturbation

1. Set the mood

Lock the door, turn the lights down low, and put on Spotify. When you want to flick the bean but aren’t so horny, setting the mood helps.

Some Spotify playlists can help you out, but if you’re not feeling it, you can make your own. Make sure to lock the door of your room. Someone walking in on you might ruin the mood.

2. Put on a sexy film or show.

If you like it slow and sensual, choose a movie with softcore sex scenes. If you like it rough, put on some porn. You can at least get wet if you can’t get off on it.

You might discover that watching something while masturbating distracts you. If that’s the case, put on an ASMR track of moaning. It may or may not help you, but there’s no harm in trying it once.

3. Remove your clothes.

Don’t stop at pulling your panties down to your ankles. That might impede your leg placement and make you cramp up. Pulling your shirt up over your breasts might hinder your movement. Getting completely naked will enable you to move. After all, you’re having sex with yourself; why not do it in the buff?

4. Try to use toys.

You might not know where your orgasm will come from. Some women get off on vaginal sex. Others orgasm from clitoral stimulation. There are a few toys that you can use during masturbation.

If you’re into vaginal sex, use a dildo. You can insert the whole thing or not, but the important thing is a dildo would give you total control. If you orgasm while stimulating your clitoris, use a bullet vibrator. It’s small and has several speeds, so you can figure out which speed is best for you.

5. Have some wipes ready.

Be hygienic and clean yourself up after orgasm. If you’re not feeling wet wipes, wash your vagina. After all, there may be bacteria on your fingers or toys, so it’s best to stay clean.

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Happy masturbating!

Featured Image Daniella Sison

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