Follow These 5 Dog IG Accounts to Brighten Up Your Day

A quick check on our social media accounts could already brighten or dampen our mood for the rest of the day. So while we try to keep up with what’s happening in the world, we also check out the Instagram feeds of these super cute dogs that never fail to make us smile! Get to know these 5 adorable dogs we can’t get enough of:

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Photos: Instagram/nimbus_cloud_dog, Instagram/freddie.thecorgi, Instagram/mayapolarbear

1. Nimbus (@nimbus_cloud_dog)

Let’s kick off the list with a local dog! Nimbus is a 3-year-old Teacup Maltese in the Philippines that looks as fluffy and as white as a cloud. This little cutie loves smelling his pawrents’ herb plants, posing for the camera, and hanging out inside boxes!

Nimbus is also a superstar who’s appeared in photos for Tiendesitas and Greenhills.

2. Freddie (@freddie.thecorgi)

Freddie is a 1-year-old corgi puppy that lives in North America and loves chilling by laying on inflatables in swimming pools, usually accompanied by his brother Charlie!

He’s also quite a traveler, having already been to California, Washington, and Canada.

3. Norbert (@norbertthedog)

Norbert is an adorable therapy dog that volunteers at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

He has the cutest little outfits!

4. Tucker (@tuckerbudzyn)

This funny and mischievous Golden Retriever lives in Michigan, USA with his fur parent Courtney (who you might have known as “Linda” in their YouTube videos!)

Tucker is also a YouTuber and posts lots of food tasting videos! P.S. He loves, loves, loves chicken.

5. Maya (@mayapolarbear)

Maya is a funny, watermelon-loving samoyed, who also happens to be friends with Tucker.

Just like her Golden Retriever friend, she’s also a YouTuber and makes the sweetest videos that could instantly make your day better. These two have even collaborated on videos, like ones where they act like a couple on FaceTime!

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