As quarantine measures ease, it is more important than ever to practice health protocols at all times. With no decent contact tracing and even mass testing in the country, cases will keep on piling up as the country eases quarantine measures – especially in the Mega Manila area. Although Metro Manila has been classified under the GCQ, gyms are still not allowed to open as of this writing.

gym mask

It’s easy to contract COVID-19 in gyms because they’re enclosed spaces in which respiratory droplets can spread easily. Also, people working out tend to breathe harder as their exercise progresses so this is a surefire way for the virus to spread from one person to another. Even with a mask on, it’s possible to catch the virus through the eyes.

So while we wait for our country to flatten the curve, it’s better to steer clear of gyms for the time being in areas with a high number of cases. We can all workout from home for the time being and there are even fitness classes we can attend online.

Besides, working from home is much more comfortable since you won’t have to go through numerous (though important) health protocols that are required outside.

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