Manila is the second best city in the world for a good night’s sleep, study says

Can anybody confirm this for us?

Manila is the second best city in the world for a good night’s sleep, study says
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Notwithstanding another study that showed Manila as the most “stressful” city in the world, new research has now revealed that the Philippine capital is the second-best city in the world to get a good night’s sleep.

That’s according to, a UK-based guide for all things sleep. To reach its conclusion, the website ran geotagged tweets containing key “sleep- and snoring-related words” like “sleep,” “slept,” “nap,” “woke up,” and others, through a research tool called TensiStrength. The tool then estimates “the strength of stress and relaxation” expressed in such short texts, then computes each geotagged location’s single-scale results. For reference, all of its data were collected in June 2021.

“Kept awake by discomfort, traffic noise, or a troubled mind, you want to scream about it to somebody. But your partner and neighbors wouldn’t like that,” reads the site’s introduction to its findings. “So you pick up your phone. Maybe you’ll scroll the news and Instagram for a while. But first, you need to tweet out your frustration.”

For its list of best cities for sleep, Manila just trailed behind Cali, Colombia, and was followed by Cairo, Egypt; Nairobi, Kenya; Kampala, Uganda; Johannesburg, South Africa; Raleigh, USA; St. Louis, USA; Abuja, Nigeria, and Baton Rouge, USA.

On the other hand, the cities whose sleeplessness caused the most stress are Rochester, USA; Liverpool, UK; Manchester, UK; Oklahoma City, USA; Perth, Australia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Nottingham, UK; Tulsa, USA; Seattle USA and Leeds, UK.

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Even though the study deemed the Colombian city of Cali as the best place for sleep, Latin America, in general, is hosting a lot of insomniacs, with Chile being the worst of them. Meanwhile, most Caribbean, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries are snoozing smoothly, with Haiti being the best one of the bunch.

That’s well and good for the country’s capital, but maybe it’s just because we’re not tweeting about it enough — we just jump straight to videos of backyard pool-building Indians and gory conspiracy theories (we know we’re not the only ones!).

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