Mental Health Lessons from Animal Crossing

ental Health Lessons from Animal Crossing

Are you hooked on the massively popular video game Animal Crossing? Well, millions have been spending a lot of time on the social simulation game, especially amid the ongoing pandemic.

You may dismiss it as some silly video game to pass the time, but did you know there are valuable lessons about mental health you can learn from playing the game? Here are some reasons why playing Animal Crossing is actually good for your mental health:

  1. The small daily tasks give you a sense of purpose. Doing simple tasks like fishing and watering plants are goal-driven behaviours directed towards a purpose. These are vital to manage mental health problems. 
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  1. Casual interactions matter. Saying hello and checking up on your neighbors give you and others a sense of belongingness. This social integration makes for a better quality of life and mental wellness.
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  1. Our minds yearn for novelty. Novel occurrences in the game such as getting visited by ghosts and plaza parties are essentially dopamine activators. Dopamine makes us feel pleasure, satisfaction and motivation.
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  1. Our environment affects our disposition. Decorating the newspaper or customizing your space can affect your mood, feelings and levels of comfort in general.
April25 05

  1. There are no expectations. Even if the game gives prizes for milestones, there’s no pressure at all. All you need is to wake up and live, something that helps flush out stress.
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These are only some of the reasons why playing video games like Animal Crossing is more valuable than you think. It’s actually good for your mental health. To care for yourself better, book an appointment with  Empath PH, a social enterprise that envisions mental healthcare access for all.

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