Nadine Lustre, Yassi Pressman, and Liza Soberano team up to tackle mental health stigmas

Their company, Mind You, aims to address the lack of access to mental health care.

Nadine Lustre, Yassi Pressman, and Liza Soberano team up to tackle mental health stigmas
(Images from Instagram: @nadine, @yassipressman, @lizasoberano)

Three of the biggest stars in showbiz in Nadine Lustre, Yassi Pressman, and Liza Soberano have joined forces to help people get affordable access to mental health services in the country.

Dubbed “Mind You,” the celebrity trio’s newest company seeks to tackle the stigma of mental health problems in the Philippines by providing a platform where seeking help from experts is easy, affordable, and most importantly, normalized.

In an interview with CNN Philippines’ Christine Jacob, Lustre talked about the company’s thrust and the problem it’s trying to solve.

“I’m working on this company called Mind You. It’s with Yassi Pressman and Liza Soberano. It is a platform for mental health, pretty much. The easiest way to describe it is it’s a platform that will make therapists or psychologists, psychiatrists easier to access, making it much more cheaper,” she shared. 

“Here in the Philippines, mental health is such a huge problem. It’s not widely talked about. There is still a stigma when it comes to mental health and just, you know, talking about it. We’re doing our best to try and normalize it and tell everyone, hey, this is a normal thing, you can do this. You can call or talk to someone and help you with what it is that you’re going through.”

So far, Mind You has partaken in webinars and summits that help improve the discussion around mental health, with the biggest being its participation in this year’s National Mental Health Summit and other activities for Mental Health Awareness Month last October.

The struggle to end mental health stigmas could not have found a more apt advocate than Nadine, Yassi, and Liza, who have all bitten back to perpetrators of such stigmas.

It was last July when Lustre made headlines for calling out radio commentator Jobert Sucaldito for belittling her bout with depression and for making inappropriate suicide jokes. She took her sentiments to Instagram Stories, where she wrote: “I’m sick and tired of these boomers treating mental issues like its a mf joke.”

For her part, Liza went viral last February for expressing her disappointment towards the problematic poster of the film Tililing, which social media users deemed “disturbing,” “uncomfortable,” and “problematic.”

“Mental health is NOT a joke. Stop the stigma,” the actress wrote in a tweet.

Yassi, meanwhile, was very active in promoting World Mental Health Day last October. In an Instagram post, she likened her struggles in learning how to surf in Siargao to the way she takes care of her mental health.

“I kept telling myself ‘ugh, so much work, palpak naman. Sayang, sayang. But it’s okay, it’s okay. Yass, just breathe,’” she wrote in the caption. “Paddle out of the chaos. Take a couple of breaths in a spot where the waves are calmer, and when you are ready, start paddling back. Get back to the beginning. No matter how well you do, take the risk.”

Magawa mo man in the beginning o hindi, don’t give up. Kaya mo ‘yan, try again.”

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