Share The Care: pH Care Makes Feminine Hygiene Conversations More Accessible

The brand hopes to strengthen its feminine care educational campaign.

For the past year, pH Care and Edukasyon.PH have made it easier to learn about the taboo topic of vaginal health. Through the interactive #ShareTheCare campaign, young women could learn and discuss feminine care. They can also find a group of like-minded individuals with the same questions as them.

This year, #ShareTheCare brings education to a broader audience through an in-person event. Women of all ages can understand more about their feminine areas. They can also learn how to maximize self-care and share facts about feminine hygiene.

Share The Care Day at TriNoma

The pH Care Share The Care Day took place last September 9 at the TriNoma Activity Center. Media personnel, select influencers, and student organization representatives attended the event. Hosted by vlogger Janina Vela, everyone took part in talks around feminine hygiene.

Edukasyon.PH booth at the Share The Care event.
Janina Vela, Jen Barangan, and Shaira Diaz at the Edukasyon.PH booth.
Goodie bag area at the Share The Care Event.
Guests received goodie bags that they were personalized with their names and stickers.
Freedom wall at Share The Care event
Guests were able to write messages and take photos at the freedom wall.

Attendees got to experience interactive stations that highlight the #ShareTheCare message. These include an Edukasyon.PH booth, a goodie bag area, and a freedom wall. Guests could consult with gynecologists on the topic of vaginal health.

Feminine care questions and girl talk

Two influencers who act as big sisters to their online communities joined Janina. Shaira Diaz is an actress and video creator known for her relatable content. Jen Barangan is a TikTok creator and former flight attendant who’s carving a new career path.

Grace David at the Share The Care event
Edukasyon.PH CEO Grace David
Grace Benedicto at the Share The Care event
pH Care Assistant Brand Manager Grace Benedicto
Girl Talk portion at the Share The Care event
Girl Talk portion with Janina Vela, Jen Barangan, Shaira Diaz, Fabrienne Calipara, and Grace Benedicto

Diaz, Barangan, and Vela had an insightful girl talk. They played “Never Have I Ever” and discussed various feminine care situations. One question was about being ill-equipped with the topic at a young age. The reason being was that talking about feminine care was embarrassing and taboo. It was refreshing to hear them speak with such candidness about their various period faux pas.

The three expressed their excitement over the pH Care and Edukasyon.PH partnership. They understood how it would allow young Filipinas to become more aware of proper feminine care.

Feminine care experts later joined Janina, Shaira, and Jen. Fabrienne Calipara is the founder of Fully Psych Mental Health Services. She was there to guide guests on understanding adolescence. She highlighted the importance of having accurate information for the feminine health journey.

Edukasyon. PH’s CEO Grace David and ph Care’s Assistant Brand Manager Grace Benedicto also joined in. They shed more light on their advocacy of educating Filipinas on feminine care.

More on #ShareTheCare

Through Share The Care Day, pH Care hopes to bring the conversation to a broader audience. The goal is to normalize vaginal health talk with open discussion rather than a taboo topic. Jen, who discussed her period mishaps on TikTok, shares the same goal.

In an interview with FreebieMNL, Jen talked about her personal interest in #ShareTheCare.

“I started the conversation on TikTok. But the platform has its restrictions. TikTok sometimes bans content if I talk about feminine care or reproductive health. Sometimes they don’t show it to more audiences. This type of event reaches more people. And it’s so important for me as a content creator. Whatever message I want to share online, I want to share it with thousands of others in person.

Shaira also shares how big an impact the pH Care and Edukasyon.PH partnership could make.

“It’s a big deal because it can create a change. Like with the stigma on discussing private matters and feminine care. If we had Edukasyon.PH back then, I wouldn’t have felt embarrassed about my vaginal concerns.”

Jen and Shaira also emphasized being well-informed about vaginal hygiene and feminine care.

In a message to young Filipinas, the two said, “Don’t be afraid to ask or reach out. Talk to your friends and mothers. Take time to understand the changes in your body, so you know how to take care of it.”

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To learn more about the #ShareTheCare campaign, visit the pH Care to Learn website.

Photos Monica Magano and Castro PR

Featured Image Paulo Correa


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