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Show Gratitude on International Day of Happiness

Did you know that March 20 is International Day of Happiness? It started back in 2013 when the United Nations wanted to highlight what happiness looks like for people around the world and promote the well-being of others. Everyone is encouraged to partake in the celebration, and one of the things you can do is to show your gratitude on this International Day of Happiness.  

What is gratitude and why you should practice it

Harvard Health Publishing defines gratitude as “a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or tangible.” When people practice gratitude, they are more aware of the good things in their life and rather than focusing on what they lack. Making this a habit will ultimately lead to greater happiness because of the positive emotions it brings. Here are some examples of how you can practice gratitude on a regular.

Saying “Thank You”

The most obvious way to show your gratitude is to say thank you. Write someone a thank you note, whether this is in person, through text, or even email. It may be a small gesture but letting them know you appreciate their efforts will surely make their day.  



Journaling is one of the most inexpensive self-care habits you can adopt. In your gratitude journal, list down at least 3 specific things you are grateful for. You could either do this at the start of the day to uplift your morning or right before heading to bed to end your day on a good note. Take note of the things that consistently bring you happiness as you journal each day.

Paying it forward

It always feels good to be able to give back to someone, especially when you have more than enough to go around. A common deed people do to pay it forward is to buy coffee for the person behind them in the line. It doesn’t have to involve shelling out cash because you can also pay it forward by volunteering at local community drives.

Spread happiness today by tagging a friend that makes you happy or share a picture that cheers you up.

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