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Take Your Leave and Not Feel Guilty About It

The point of taking your paid time off is to unwind and temporarily disconnect from work life. But you won’t be able to do this when you’re constantly checking your devices for work updates or emails. If you’re one of these people who feel guilty about taking their paid leaves, the following might be the reason why.

Take Your Leave and Not Feel Guilty About It
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Give Yourself Permission to Take a Break

It’s easier to tell yourself that you can’t take your leave due to the demands at work. But the reality could be that you won’t give yourself permission to clock out. Evaluate yourself and determine the underlying issue of why you can’t disconnect. Then, figure out what changes you can make to create a balance between work and your personal life.

Go on a Quick Getaway

If you really can’t afford to leave work for weeks at a time, take shorter breaks instead. If you can’t stand the thought of your emails being left unread for more than three days, short breaks could provide ample time for you to set aside work and reconnect with loved ones.  To maximize your getaway, put in the effort to unwind and unplug.

Respond to Urgent Matters Only

The only time you should respond to work-related queries on your break is when it’s an urgent matter. Be deliberate about which needs your immediate attention and what can wait until you get back. Ensure you aren’t being disrupted on your leave by informing your co-workers that you won’t be available during certain dates.

Detach Yourself from Work

For some people, their workplace is their comfort zone. Here, they feel needed and valued, which is why it could be difficult for them to detach. If you’ve noticed that detaching from work bears negative effects on you, consider taking your business elsewhere. Every job comes with its set of challenges, but not to the point where it affects your general wellbeing.

Everyone needs a break and companies offer paid leaves for that reason. You are entitled to spend your time off however you see fit, and not feel guilty about it.

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