The New Normal Bucket List: Keeping you busy and happy

We’ve all heard of the term “new normal” which pretty much describes the current situation we’re in right now — social distancing, going out only when necessary, and basically staying at home most of the time for safety purposes. This whole “being at home most of the time” isn’t the ideal situation for many, but we might as well make the most of it, right? We may not know how long this pandemic will last, but we do have control over what we decide to fill our time with while we’re at home. With this, here’s a bucket list curated for you to keep you feeling “okay” in these unprecedented times.

  1. Start that Passion Project

Can you think of something you’ve always been wanting to do but never got the chance to kick it off because you’re so busy? This is the time for you finally start doing it! A passion project need not be something big or extravagant — it can be as simple as learning how to cook and coming up with a dish of your own, taking an online course and get a certificate for it, trying out a new hobby and learning a skill, starting your fitness journey — and the list goes on and on. Basically, you just have to think of doing something that you love which has an output for you to cherish. In my case, I started a Youtube channel as I have always been dreaming of publishing my own vlogs and creating my own podcasts and the time I have right now enabled me to do so. Now go find that passion and start making it come to life!

  1. Exercise Regularly

Many of us are used to going out for workout since not everyone has the luxury of having a lot of space or even equipment at home to workout but it doesn’t mean you won’t move! Keep in mind that this is the very time that you need to be healthy and fit to have strong immune system so there’s no way you have to stop moving. If you’re struggling with this, there are many coaches online who go on live that could help you stay active and they offer different kinds of workouts that can even be done by newbies. If you have no time before to squeeze in a quick workout in your busy schedule, this is the time to kick it off until it becomes a habit.

  1. Get enough sleep even if you don’t feel like it

Sleep is one of the most important things in our well-being that we usually neglect when we’re busy. Yes, we all want to experience life to the fullest but we do need to give our mind and body the rest that they deserve for us to be continuously fully functional. While we have more time right now at home, take this chance to have enough amount of sleep daily as when we go back to the normal situation where our lives are once again busy and occupied, it will surely be a struggle again to get those 7-9 hours of sleep.

With life continuously being pushed back, take this time to shift your attention to doing something else productive or anything that will give you that mental space. Until then, staying safe and healthy, while daydreaming of a normal future, is the priority.

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