Cycling is more than just fun and games — it’s a way of life! Economically, physically, mentally, and even environmentally, cycling gives so many ways to make life significantly better.

Want to know what you can get out of cycling? Check the benefits out right here:

You save money

The Real Benefits of Cycling
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We know the initial investment to cycling is tough. Bikes can range from Php5,000 up to Php30,000, depending on what kind of bike you’re looking for. Of course, that’s not including all the gear and upgrades that you’ll probably purchase as you get more and more into the hobby.

But if you look at it in the long run, you’re actually saving money. Riding a bike means no more spending money on gas or car maintenance. Because regular cycling helps with pretty much anything health-related, you’ll also save on hospital trips and medicine. Probably the best perk of riding bikes is that you never have to pay for parking!

You save your health

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Instead of sitting in a car seat in a single position for hours, you can move those muscles and get your blood pumping with a short ride out in town. Biking has been known to stimulate the brain, reduce risk of disease, and help with weight control.

Furthermore, it’s great for mental health. Studies show that cycling greatly reduces stress and anxiety, and even fights against depression! When you take your bike outside, you’re choosing to indulge in nature and practice a peaceful past time. You’d be surprised how much cycling can do for your body and mind.

You save the Earth!

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Did you know 20 bicycles could fit in the same space as a single car? Did you also know that when you choose to ride instead of drive on your way to work, you’d be saving around 3,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions every year?

More people on bikes also mean a reduced need for roads and parking buildings. It means fewer trees cut, less fossil fuel burned, and more potential for green spaces to be built in the city. There’s no doubt about it — going cycling is going green! No matter what way you see it, riding bikes is infinitely better for the environment than driving cars.

There’s a ton more benefits to cycling that we didn’t list here; the health benefits itself warrant its own page. But the most important thing you can take away from the sport is that it’s better for you in every way.

So what are you waiting for? Start your cycling journey now!


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