This Is The Best Sleep Aid You’ll Ever Find

Let Vicks ZzzQuil Natura Sleep help you catch some Zs!

Falling asleep can be a challenge. Whether you’re doomscrolling or hopped up on caffeine, there can be a lot of reasons why you can’t easily get the rest you need. Besides, our country was even ranked as the fourth most sleep-deprived country globally, so it’s no surprise if many Filipinos wake up feeling sluggish.

Some may take sleep for granted, but you shouldn’t because it helps strengthen your immune system and keeps you alert during the day. 

If you’re one of the many who have trouble sleeping for whatever reason, try Vicks ZzzQuil Natura Sleep.

This natural sleep aid in gummy form can help you relax before going to bed. It contains 1.6 mg melatonin per 2 servings and has a wildberry vanilla flavor that’s so yummy you won’t need water to cleanse your palate after taking it. It also has lavender, chamomile, and other botanical products. 

This natural remedy is a better and safer alternative than alcohol or other toxic substances. That said, it’s just a supplement and not a cure for any ailment. So if you have serious trouble falling asleep, or if you have any sleep-related disorders, consult your doctor.

Vicks ZzzQuil Natura Sleep is available nationwide in all Mercury Drug and Watsons branches. Follow them on Facebook for more updates!

Art Daniella Sison

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