What NOT to do With Your Vaccination Card

The COVID-19 vaccination card is an important piece of document that needs safekeeping. It’s a record of the medical information about the vaccines you received and can be used to allow mobility. While we wait for local authorities to roll out a digitized version of the vaccine certificate, here’s what you should NOT do with your vaccination card.  

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  1. Do not laminate your card. Experts advise against laminating your card in case your records need updating for booster shots in the future. Prevent wear and tear by keeping it in a cardholder or plastic folder instead. Treat it the same way you would similar documents like birth certificates.
  2. Do not publish your card on the internet. The vaccination card includes personal information like your full name, date of birth, contact, and address, which could be potential for identity theft. Share your vaccination status by posting a selfie at the vaccine site or a picture of your inoculated arm.
  3. Do not tamper with your card. Keep scanned copies of your card, but do not try editing the document or fill it out with false information. Tampering with medical records or faking a vaccine card is irresponsible, illegal, and punishable by law.
  4. Do not lose your card. If you do lose your card, request a new one at your local health office. They’ll verify your vaccination status and issue you a new one. The process varies per city, and you might need to submit an affidavit of loss.

As of writing, 13.4 million Filipinos have been fully vaccinated, according to Our World in Data. That’s about 12.4% of the population. The vaccine card is a requirement for traveling, and you may show proof of vaccination at select establishments to avail of special discounts.

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