female student suffering from headache at home

What Your Headache Might Be Telling You

We’ve all experienced having a headache and usually just pop in a pain reliever as a quick remedy. But not all headaches are the same and the location of the pain could be an indicator of your underlying health conditions. It’s important to get to the root cause of your headache and figure out what it could be telling you.

female student suffering from headache in libraryWhat Your Headache Might Be Telling You
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Top of the Head

If it feels like you’re wearing a tight headband, this is considered a tension headache. It’s common among people who are constantly stressed or have neck problems. Take frequent breaks from the screen to avoid eye strain and invest in an ergonomic chair to keep your posture in check.  

Front of the Head

Dull pain on your forehead is another symptom of a tension headache. This can be caused by allergies such as hay fever according to Healthline. If you experience frequent forehead headaches, consult a doctor to confirm whether it’s triggered by your allergies or if it’s a possible migraine or cluster headache.

Side of the Head

Headaches occurring on either side of the head are possibly migraines. Hormones, dietary changes, caffeine, or stress contribute to this pain. Stay hydrated and eat more nutritious food to help alleviate the pain. Also, try to avoid being in places with loud sounds and bright or flashing lights.

Back of the Head

Pain at the back of your head can also be a symptom of a tension headache. It causes mild to moderate pain from the neck to the forehead. Stress can contribute to this type of headache because it tightens the muscles in the shoulders and neck. Otherwise, it could be due to poor posture.

The three common types of headaches are tension headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches. Over-the-counter medications, rest, and hot or cold compresses may temporarily subside the pain, but if you experience severe and constant headaches, consult a professional.

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