Why You Might Need A Coffee Tolerance Reset

If you’re like everyone else and you start your day with a cup of coffee, you’ve probably built a high tolerance for the substance. It wakes you up, increases your alertness, and generally puts you in a good mood. Over time, though, you might notice that the effects have stopped kicking in, and all you get are palpitations. In that case, maybe it’s time to go on a coffee tolerance reset.

Why You Might Need a Coffee Tolerance Reset
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What is caffeine tolerance?

Each person has a different tolerance level for caffeine. The more a person gets accustomed to their coffee, the higher their tolerance becomes for it. For example, someone who used to drink only a cup a day may now need to drink twice the amount to get the same buzz. Research shows that it only takes one to four days for a non-coffee drinker to become desensitized to its effects. And the way to reset is it is not a fun nor easy route.

Factors affecting caffeine tolerance

While there are health benefits to drinking black coffee, too much of anything can do more harm than good. On average, the body takes four to six hours to process the caffeine you consume. Some of the factors that affect each person’s coffee tolerance include genetics and metabolism. Taking certain medications and smoking can also affect how much caffeine a person can tolerate.

How to do a coffee tolerance reset?

The best way to go about a coffee tolerance reset is to cut back on your consumption. You could choose to go cold turkey or gradually reduce your intake in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, that also means having to endure withdrawals like headaches, irritability, and lack of energy. During the reset, exercise and keep yourself hydrated to lessen the symptoms of withdrawal.

Good for you if you decide you can live without coffee after all. But if quitting is not an option, slowly reintroduce it into your system by initially drinking decaf or low-caffeine teas. You’ll be more appreciative of your first cup once you end your break.


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