The Free the Nipple movement has gained traction over the years for being a symbol of women empowerment, femininity, and a world free of judgment.

And while any woman is free to wear any type of bra (or not), we’re here to tell you that going braless has more benefits than you think.

Here’s what you can gain by getting rid of your bra:

Less chest acne

Why You Should ‘Free the Nipple’

Bras can be stifling, and on hot days, sweat and dirt can definitely build up under your bra and shirt. Because of the excess bacteria and moist, humid environment, you’re more likely to develop infections and acne in your chest area. When you skip the bra, you’re giving the girls more room to breathe, giving you less chance of developing chest pimples!

Less sagging

Over the years, studies have shown that long-term use of bras causes breasts to sag. Bras do not retain the breasts’ natural shape and defy the gravity of it altogether, making them more likely to lose tissue and muscle, which leads to sagging. Using bralettes or going braless can keep your breasts perky, more firm, and absent of stretch marks.

More comfort

The majority of women will agree that bras are not comfortable contraptions. They can feel restrictive, uncomfortable, and downright inconvenient. Losing the bra will let you move more freely and comfortably, and can maybe mean cuter, breezier outfits.

Better circulation

Tight bras can stifle blood circulation and lead to aches in pains your back and chest areas. Ditching the bra can improve blood flow and even help with muscle tissue building and skin firming!

More power and confidence!

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Freeing the nipple has never held more significance in this day and age. With misogyny and sexual harassment running rampant towards women, going braless is a statement and a new lifestyle. When you “free the nipple,” you are choosing the comfort of your body over society’s expectations on how you should dress. Enjoy the freedom and walk with confidence — without the bra.


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