Why You Should Stop Using Plastic Food Containers

It’s no question now that plastic is a permanent part of our lives. It’s in our home, all the products we use, and even our food storage containers!

We all use them, whether we like it or not, because they’re cheaper and easier to come by. Though, that doesn’t mean we should have them in our cabinets forever. Take a look at why you should skip out on your plastic containers and opt for alternatives.

It’s kind of toxic

Why You Should Stop Using Plastic Food Containers
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Plastic contains chemicals — a lot of them. And when you heat up your plastic containers in the microwave, you could be leaching those chemicals right into your food. It may not seem like a big deal because we don’t feel the effects right away, but studies have shown that these chemicals are linked to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and other serious illnesses. Even plastic containers that claim to be “BPA-free” have been found to emit the same effects as BPA when put under the same circumstances (dishwashing, heat, etc.), meaning that the BPA-free alternative isn’t any better for your health.

It’s not environmentally-friendly


Plastic is bad for the environment, and we know this! Plastic food containers will not magically disappear once we throw them away; they’ll stay on our planet for a very, very long time. More than that, plastic containers also aren’t very sturdy, don’t clean well (say goodbye once you store in oily food), and don’t last for long. You’ll be cycling through them very quickly, compared to a good set of glass containers.

It affects our children


As chemicals leach into our food, they not only have the possibility of causing us life-threatening diseases, but they also pose a risk to the development of our children. BPA, which are common in plastic containers, are known as “endocrine disruptors;” they interfere with the production of, response to, or action of natural hormones with hormones, which can especially affect the growth and development of children.

Change up the way you store your food with glass containers, which are safer, longer-lasting, and easier to clean. If you frequently use plastic wrap, you can also try using beeswax wrap, which are biodegradable, longer-lasting, and a good way to keep your food fresher for longer. There are other ways to go plastic-free, little by little, so do your research and check it out!

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