Claws And Cuteness: A Day In The Life Of A WFH Cat Mom

The author opens up about the bond between her and her “daughter,” Hiwaga.

I’ve always been a cat person. This is despite growing up with dogs all over our family tree. Somehow, though, I always knew I’d be a cat mom someday.

By the time July 2020 rolled around, COVID-19 had become very serious. I realized the lockdown would take quite a while. So I took the big step of leaving the family home.

Amidst this exciting time, a baby angel entered my life. A tortoiseshell kitten rescued from a storm drain in Maginhawa was gifted to me. When she arrived, she was tiny, scrappy, and defensive.

I named her Hiwaga Luna after the moon and a pivotal life Araw-Araw by Ben&Ben.

A day in my life as a WFH cat mom

Two years on, in honor of International Cat Day, here’s a glance at a day in my life as a WFH cat mom.

2:16 AM – My alarm is set for 2:30 AM because my shift starts at 3, but Hiwaga has other ideas. She’s meowing loud enough to wake the dead. I roll out of bed and turn off my alarms.

2:30 AM – Having played with Hiwaga to her satisfaction, I realize going back to sleep is futile. Checking WhatsApp, I shower and grab my coffee from the fridge.

2:50 AM – I fire up Coraline, my decade-old MacBook. My boyfriend calls to see if I’m awake.

3:00 AM – Hiwaga tries to hop on my keyboard as I log in. Eventually, she settles on my lap.

5:12 AM – Hiwaga wakes up because my aircon shuts off. I stretch while keeping an eye on my laptop. She takes her frustration out on her cat tree and almost knocks the electric fan over.

7:24 AM – After her sunrise zoomies nearly killed the electric fan, Hiwaga parked herself on the bed. Now she’s up again, meowing at the balcony door. She’s looking for her dad. I show her he’s not there. In yet another show of protest, she shoves my coffee mug.

10:03 AM – Done with work. Hiwaga’s cranky; morning wet food is 10 AM. I serve her, and she goes to eat, but not without a huff. When she’s done, it’s my turn. Unfortunately, she eats some of my chicken. She calms down when I play Looney Tunes on the TV.

11:18 AM – I take a long shower and nearly trip over Hiwaga. No amount of her clinging will make me give her more wet food or chicken. We curl up in bed and sleep.

2:00 PM – My alarm goes off. I need to run errands. Since Hiwaga is clingy, I put her in her carrier. Off we go. My neighborhood, Araneta City, is pet-friendly!

4:11 PM – Hiwaga enjoyed herself. I’ve got a lot of groceries on me. We return home, where I disinfect immediately and then hop in the shower. By the time I step out of the shower, Hiwaga is rooting around in one of the grocery bags. Grumbling, I clean up after her.

6:24 PM – My father calls. We catch up. Not long into the call, Hiwaga decides she needs attention, so she tips my laundry pile over. Not long after, she gets to my leftovers all the way on top of the microwave. I end the call, retrieve the chicken, clean the mess…and put the laundry in a bag for pick up.

8:02 PM – I’m supposed to be at the gym, but I hear Hiwaga whining. I go back inside and we play instead. That’s still cardio, right? She soon takes a nap, and I follow suit.

9:00 PM – Another alarm: I’ve got an online appointment soon. I try to make spaghetti but Hiwaga disrupts the cook. I don’t get to eat, but at least my cat didn’t jump in a saucepan full of boiling water.

9:20 PM – During my appointment, everyone met Hiwaga. She was meowing and trying to sit on the keyboard. When she finally settles at my feet, I resume making dinner.

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Hi, Hiwaga! | Photo by Indigo Pai.

10:00 PM – When my spaghetti is finally ready, it’s time for Hiwaga’s evening wet food. I clean her bowls and give her something to eat.

10:46 PM – I wash dishes. Hiwaga situates herself on the couch near the aircon expectantly. Afterward, I turn the aircon on, set my alarms, and sleep. Hiwaga wedges herself between my legs like I’m a nest.

So that’s what a day in the life of a WFH cat mom is like.

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