What Exactly is the New Clubhouse App For?

Clubhouse app
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In recent weeks, you might have gotten an invitation for a social media app called Clubhouse. You might be thinking to yourself, “ok, what is this anyway?” Well, you’re not alone.

According to The Guardian, Clubhouse is a social networking app based on audio-chat that’s basically part talkback radio, part conference call, and part Houseparty. Through this app, users can listen in to conversations, interviews, and discussions between people they find interesting on various topics, so it’s basically like tuning into a podcast but live and with a dash of exclusivity.

How is it exclusive? Well, for now, Clubhouse is by invitation only. Unlike most social media apps, you can’t just download Clubhouse, and then create an account. You need to be invited to join by an existing member, much like a real-life country club. 

The invitation is sent via a link texted to your phone number, which then redirects you to the sign-up page in the app. Existing members only have two invitations available at first, which makes getting an invitation to Clubhouse is so special. 

Why is it suddenly becoming so popular? Clubhouse has a lot of celebrity users. From Oprah to Kevin Hart, Ashton Kusher to Drake, a lot of big names are part of Clubhouse. They might even host chats. Through the app, you get the chance to hear and even participate in live conversations with powerful and famous people. 

What makes it unique? The rule is that the audio itself doesn’t leave the app. Conversations cannot be recorded, and they’re not saved. 

Will Clubhouse become THE social media app to have in the coming years? Only time can tell. For now, you’ll just have to wait to get an invitation for you to try out Clubhouse for yourself.

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