Why Citibank is Perfect for First Time Credit Card Holders

Since the pandemic started, not only did the economy start changing but also every person’s lifestyle. Physical shopping turned to online shopping, going out to unwind and dining in at your favorite restaurants is not a priority anymore, cashless transactions are now more favored to avoid person-to-person contact. That being said, looking for ways to help make day-to-day errands and budgeting easier to manage is also a must.

Citi - NO Annual Forever
Photo from Citi

If you are one of those fresh graduates who are planning to apply for a credit card or just a working millennial who is thinking of getting a credit card to make online transactions more convenient, there are some things to consider and that includes which credit card suits you the best.

For first-timers, looking through various qualifications might be a bit tricky and confusing but with all the right information you can have your first-ever credit card in your hands in no time.

Applying for a credit card can be stress-free and is also made easy with Citibank’s Citi Rewards Mastercard. This might be suitable for you if you are one of those who are still starting with their careers with an entry-level salary for their annual income requirement is at P180,000*. 

When you apply for a Citi Rewards Mastercard until the end of the month (October 31, 2020) you can enjoy free annual fees for life. You can also make your shopping and dining experience more rewarding by using the card in every purchase and at the same time earn points up to 3x with no expiry dates so you can use these anytime you want.

Without the need to step out of your home, applying for a Citi Rewards Mastercard is faster than you might think. By using your mobile phone or computer, you can easily access the paperless signup process on their site. Plus, you do not need to have a deposit account with Citi to sign up.


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