Why You Should Consider Getting a Big Dog

It’s not a secret that Asian households prefer smaller, cuter lap dogs as family pets. It may be due to climate, financial capabilities, or just plain culture preferences, but we think that bigger dogs should have a better rep! Many large dog owners will say that they are some of the finest, most loyal companions a person can have.

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So if you’ve got the time and money for a large dog, here are a couple reasons why they should be your next pick:

Big dog are easier to train

While any dog of any breed or size is perfectly capable of being fully trained, big dogs are more likely to be trained with less difficulty at a faster rate. Many factors can go into this, but it’s mostly because most large dogs have been bred to be working dogs. This makes them more inclined to be taught and more disciplined in learning new tricks and commands.

Additionally, small dogs are also less likely to be trained because their size makes them easier to handle, which makes owners less inclined to housebreak and train. It’s a different story for large dogs, where, if they go untrained, it could cause some big problems.

They make you work harder

Some future dog owners may not like this aspect, but it’s necessary to address if you’re contemplating taking in a big dog. Bigger dogs mean more food, more hair, more baths, and yup, you guessed it, more poop. With big dogs, the work it takes to care for them is tripled or even quadrupled that of a smaller dog — but we wouldn’t have it any other way! They teach you discipline, hard work, diligence, and all the other values that come with taking care of something that weighs more than half your size.

But there is a consolation for all this work. The more time and care you put into your dog, the deeper your bond grows. And that goes for any sized dog!

Big dog are more patient

Gentle giants they are. Temperaments between dogs can vary on a dog’s personality and breed and how they were raised, but many big dog owners can attest that their large dogs are significantly more patient/caring than their other, smaller dogs. Their sturdy bodies allow for rougher handling, which means they can keep up well with kids. And, because they’re so big, they have less of a need to prove their presence and dominate over others, which basically makes them more chill.

On another note, small dogs are known to develop what trainers call Small Dog Syndrome (SDS). This allows them to develop unwanted and domineering behavior just because they are of smaller stature, which makes them seem less dangerous and bothersome as compared to if a large dog acted the same.

They force you to exercise more

Big dogs need walks and exercise to help manage all that energy! Most big dog owners know what happens when you ignore large dog needs — holes in the yard, torn beds, and chewed up sofas. Thus, having a large dog really does force you to get outside and go for a walk more often. You’re also encouraged to be more active in general with large dogs, as they can safely enjoy and endure hikes, jogs, and other strenuous activity.

They’ve got double the love!

The bigger the dog, the bigger the love! There’s no scientific way of proving this, but for some reason, it feels like big dogs have more love to give. It might be because owners spend more time taking care of them or just because they’re so patient and kind. More likely, it might be due to their breeds. Large dog breeds are bred to be loyal and protective of their pack, which actually makes them great family dogs!

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