You Don’t Get to Decide When COVID Ends

More than a hundred days have passed and for the most part, we’re still stuck indoors. Some may find it difficult to deal with the looming cabin fever, while others may have new ways to cope with the quarantine. But whether you’ve gotten used to the new normal or not, this is no time to be complacent. 

With everything that has been happening, from celebrity call out posts to unfortunate current news, you wouldn’t really know where to put your attention on. 

However, despite this chaos, what is very clear is that COVID-19 is far from ending. Numbers are rising and with people going back to work soon and establishments starting to reopen, those numbers are bound to increase even more. Compared to around two months ago, there were barely any cars and people on the street, but now they’re back as if nothing happened. 

Just because malls are reopening doesn’t mean you should go out in big groups with your friends and family. Just because we’ve leveled down the quarantine measures doesn’t mean you should stop wearing a mask outside. Most importantly, just because you don’t know anyone close to you who contracted the virus doesn’t mean COVID is not a real, global issue. 

None of  these indicate the end of COVID. Rather, it’s a necessity for those who need to work and make a living for their families and loved ones. Looking at it from this perspective will put you in a place of empathy — you’ll want to follow strict health guidelines more. 

Let’s help each other out. Wear your mask, wash your hands, and keep social distancing.

You’ll find that there are actually a lot of productive things you can do indoors. Below are some activities you can start on to ease that cabin fever:

1. Get physical

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You don’t even have to do high intensity workouts to get the most out of your day. Doing some stretching, yoga, and a bit of cardio will help improve your day!

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2. Get back to studying

Take every day as an opportunity to learn new things and this quarantine has opened us up a huge window to do just that. There are a bunch of free online courses you can take up, or you can even just watch tutorials on YouTube.

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3. Improve your cooking skills

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Cooking at home seemed so time-consuming pre-quarantine because we always had somewhere else to be. Now that we’re quite literally stuck indoors, now’s our chance to get our inner Gordon Ramsay out!

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4. Stay updated on TV shows

Of course, how can we miss this? You can binge watch your favourite TV shows or the ones you’ve been meaning to continue as much as you want!

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What have you been doing to cope with the world’s new normal?

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