10 Student-Approved Online Class Essentials

Remote learning is the new norm, and you might as well prepare for the new academic year. It’s challenging enough dealing with the ongoing pandemic, so we’ve compiled a list of essentials for online classes to help you out a little. These student-approved purchases will hopefully get the productivity flowing.

Anti-radiation Glasses

As much as you want to limit your screen time, the reality is you’ll constantly be facing your gadgets during online classes. The solution? A chic pair of anti-radiation glasses that protect you from blue light exposure and eye strain.

Cable Organizer

Tangled cords and cables are unsightly. Remove any distractions and keep your study area tidy with a cable organizer to help you focus.  

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Desk Lamp

Late-night reading and study sessions are inescapable in either online or physical classes. Get yourself a desk lamp to aid you through the dark hours.

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Laptop Stand

With a laptop stand or riser, you can adjust the position of your laptop to the correct height and angle. Ideally, the screen should be at eye level where you don’t need to crane your neck or curve your back.

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Laptop Table

You’re likely to spend hours in front of the screen, and you don’t want to ruin your posture from hunching over the laptop. Even if you already have a dedicated work desk, you could use this while watching Netflix in bed.  

Phone Holder

A make-shift phone stand using textbooks is probably not as effective at holding your device upright. Do yourself a favor and get an inexpensive and stable phone holder.

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Ring light

Proper lighting is crucial when conducting meetings and presentations. It instantly improves the output of your video, and you’ll look crisp on camera.  

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Wireless Earphones with Mic

Enhance your learning experience with a pair of good-quality earphones with a mic. You’ll no longer have an excuse for being inattentive in class, and the clear audio might help you understand the lectures better.

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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

A wireless keyboard and mouse set will come in particularly handy if you attend online classes on a phone or tablet. It’s compact, portable, and easy to pair with any device.

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Webcam Cover

If you’re the type to forget to turn off your camera, consider placing a webcam cover. Privacy is a serious concern, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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