5 Best Mini Water Tumblers for People on the Go

Having a busy schedule can be dehydrating. You’re always outside, having appointments, or maybe just stuck commuting because of the traffic. These five mini water tumblers will give you the right hydration you need anytime, anywhere!

1.   ELLA SHOP Mini Water Tumbler

image 12
Image From Shopee

This mini water tumbler is big enough to hold the right amount to quench your thirst, while also being small enough to fit anywhere in your bag! It comes in four colors so you can choose whichever suits your taste.

2.   Portable Travel Folding Cup

image 13
Image From Shopee

Whether you only have a small space left in your bag or you just want to bring a smaller one to fit your outfit, this portable travel folding cup will fit anywhere! Hinted by its name, this tumbler can be folded into an even more compact size so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting thirsty wherever you may be.

3.   Mini Frosted Water Bottle

image 14
Image From Shopee

The mini frosted water bottle will fit just right in your bag as you travel to your destination. Holding 260mL of water, there will be just enough water to keep you hydrated as you’re on-the-go! Its sleek design is definitely an added bonus to its features and benefits!

4.   Mini Water Bag

image 15
Image From Shopee

Okay, this isn’t exactly a tumbler but it works the same, only with an added benefit. Its malleable design allows you to fit it in your bag — or even your pocket — and take it out for a quick drink! Don’t worry about accidental spillage because it has a lock you can zip up by its neck.

5.   Mini Thermos Water Bottle

image 16
Image From Shopee

Majority of good water bottles come in big sizes, especially the insulated ones. But this one has the same features and benefits, in mini size! Its insulation performance lasts up to six to 12 hours and is also made of stainless steel.

Stay hydrated and don’t let the heat beat you down, folks!

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