Five Best Living Room Cleaning Essentials From Lazada

Because a clean house is a happy house, do take note of these cleaning essentials from Lazada!

Cleaning not only keeps your space sparkly. It can help the family stay healthy and happy.

Since the living room is one of the most used spaces in one’s home (well, maybe tied with the kitchen), keeping it clean requires daily and weekly tidying up, as well as routine deep cleaning. But before one gets into planning what goes on under which category, it’s best to gear up for the job first with the right supplies. 

Scroll through to learn about the five living room cleaning essentials that would give you a bang for your buck in keeping your area dust and stain-free.  

Kurin all-around super ionized cleaner


As an all-around and effective cleaner, degreaser, sanitizer, and deodorizer, this Kurin variant gets the cleaning done without harmful chemicals. It’s perfect for the living room as well as the bedroom and even workspaces as it’s capable of cleaning glass tables, blinds, cabinets, and door knobs, among others.

Take note, however, that it must not be used for wood, leather, and other non-water-resistant surfaces.

Bendable cleaning duster


You always have that ceiling fan, a window head, or a cabinet in your living room that is always very challenging to reach and clean. But fret not, because this bendable cleaning duster will make it possible for you to finally rid of the dust from those areas. 

With a detachable pole and a washable microfiber head, it will help you save space in your storage area and keep cleaning as if you’re the tallest in the room! A plus point is the fact that the duster also comes with a protective tip on top which ensures scratch-free walls or windows.

Scrub Daddy Damp Duster


Yes, you got that right, Scrub Daddy isn’t just for the kitchen! Affordable, reusable, and conveniently sized, the Damp Duster removes, collects, and traps all dust, pollen, pet hair, and more in one quick wipe!

The Damp Duster is your new cleaning buddy for your blinds, vents, baseboards, railings, mirrors, and more! The product arrives pre-moistened in packaging and you only need to damp that duster with water before each use to soften the foam and you’re good to go.

All-around Triangle mop


Naturally, you can’t just dust away and not expect to clean the dust afterward, right? So, to clean up the floor and even the tightest corner, be sure to use the multifunctional triangle spin mop. Squeezable and reusable, the triangle mop is also 360-degree rotatable and adjustable which can also be used for floor, wall glass, and ceiling cleaning.

Handheld steam vacuum cleaner


A good handheld vacuum is perfect for small messes and tight spaces to get a quick clean without the heavy lifting. While they can’t replace a full-size vacuum for deep cleaning, handheld vacs are, well, handy for instantly tackling dry spills, tracked-in dirt, and pet hair stuck to car seats and furniture. 

What makes this vacuum extra special is its fabric cleaning capacity for stains on sofa, mattress, and subway curtain!

So, what are you waiting for, do check out these items and get cleaning!

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