A Gift Guide for Your Horoscope-Loving Friends

As we transition into another astrological season, we thought it was timely to curate a gift guide for your horoscope-loving friends. Whether they’re into it for the fun of it or are always on the lookout for the next Mercury retrograde, they’ll surely appreciate these.

Astrology Book

The Stars Within You: A Modern Guide to Astrology would be a great addition to a bookworm’s collection. More than a beginner’s guide, it provides a newer perspective on this longstanding practice.

Tarot Deck

On the off chance that they still don’t own a deck, the Pinoy Practical Magic Tarot Deck is a witty gift. It includes Pinoy Pop culture and has Filipino instructions on how to read tarot. The readings will feel like getting advice from your favorite tita or a frank best friend.

Zodiac Candle

Sunday Zen’s Zodiac Candles just got new packaging and it’s environmentally friendly, too. They can light this scented soy candle while doing a reading or unwinding after a stressful day.


Wish them wellness and good energy with crystals. Though they’re generally believed to have healing properties, not all crystals are the same. Choose according to the intention you are trying to send to the universe.


If they’re the type who never fails to mention what their star sign is, consider gifting them with jewelry. Let the pendant do the talking so they don’t have to point out all the traits that make them a Virgo.  

Star Map

What could be more thoughtful than a personalized gift? Some special moments in our lives are captured in pictures but you can also commemorate them through star maps. See exactly how the stars have aligned during that date, place, and time.   

Astrology Mug

Starbucks has an Astrology Series which includes 12oz Double Wall Astrology Mugs. The designs are available in all stores but only for a limited time. Purchase that Gemini mug while it’s still in season.

You’re a great friend if you remember their birthday without needing a reminder from a Facebook notification. Even if you weren’t astrologically compatible, that shouldn’t stop your friendship from thriving.  

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