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Affordable Coffee Makers For Beginner Brewers

Any coffee lover would own a coffee maker and might even have a nook dedicated for their equipment. But what if you can’t afford one of those fancy machines just yet? Here are coffee makers that are affordable and easy to use, costing P1,000 or less.

French Press with Stainless Steel Filter (P279.57)

For less than P300, a French Press is the cheapest coffee maker you can get. The metal filter gives a full-bodied brew that results in an aromatic cup of coffee. It’s not as convenient to use as an automatic drip machine, but it gets the work done.

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Pour Over Coffee Maker (P610)

Not sure if pour over is the right brewing method for you? Try out a generic pour over coffee maker before investing in a Hario set. It’s a very personal coffee making experience as you’ll be hand-pouring water over your coffee grounds.    

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Single Serving Coffee Maker (P700)

If you’re a casual coffee drinker and can thrive on one cup a day, this is the machine for you. All you need to do is place your cup under the machine after putting in your coffee grounds and water in the machine, and voila — a fresh cup of coffee.

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Espresso Moka Pot Coffee (P743)

Espresso machines could be pricey and intimidating for beginners so a moka pot is a great alternative. The coffee is brewed over a stove top by pressurizing water to steam through the grounds. This method is popular in Italian culture and produces a potent espresso.

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6-Cup Coffee Machine (P760)

FDA recommends healthy adults to limit their caffeine to 400 milligrams a day. That’s approximately four or five cups of coffee, which makes this an appropriately sized coffee machine for those who rely on caffeine to power through their day.

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Twin Cup Coffee Maker (P850)

This would be ideal for couples who are casual coffee drinkers. It has the same functions as the single-serving coffee maker, except it can accommodate two 150 mL cups. Preparing breakfast would be less time consuming for you and your partner.

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10-Cup Coffee Machine (P1000)

Households that need to brew bigger batches of coffee at once while find this 1.2L coffer maker a steal. The filter basket and glass carafe make for easier filling brewing, and cleaning. You can’t go wrong with a simple and sleek machine like this.

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Start brewing your own coffee at home and save money in the long run. Include it in your morning routine as a way to kickstart your productivity.


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