Amoy Jowa Candle: The smell and experience of a jowa without the actual jowa

There are millions of single Filipinos. These are the same millions who are missing out on this so-called jowa smell. Since the smell of a jowa remains elusive for those enjoying singledom, candle shop and brand Amoy Ano has created a solution: a candle that smells like a jowa.

While the scent of a jowa certainly depends, Amoy Ano narrowed it down to three underlying scents: angel’s breath (sabi daw ni mama); someone fresh out of a basketball game; and citrusy, flowery, and fresh scents (sabi daw ni google). With these three scents in mind, the Amoy Jowa candle was born.

The candle is actually made from bergamot oranges, so you’ll definitely get a whiff of that citrusy, flowery, and fresh scent. The candle is available in two sizes. The smaller one is in tin can form (PHP 249) while the bigger one is in an amber glass (PHP 399).

If you want a different scent, Amoy Ano has an Amoy Tita candle. Its underlying scents include peppermint and pine – think cooling oils and balms for when a headache strikes. If you’re a self-proclaimed tita, then this is the perfect addition to your own home.

Ready to get a whiff of tita or jowa? You can order your candles here. 

Article photo from Amoy Ano


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