Answer these three questions first before investing in your own home gym

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With gyms and fitness centers staying closed indefinitely amid quarantine measures, more people are building a more compact version within the comforts of their homes.

But selecting equipment isn’t as straightforward as one would hope, especially if you have space constraints. So how do you decide which gear to get? Let this guide solve your home workout woes.

“Which equipment will give me the most value for my money?”

To answer this, you’ll need to assess your fitness level. If you’re a beginner who just wants to stay toned and flexible, then a workstation fitted with portable equipment like dumbbells, an adjustable bench, resistance bands and balls, and mats will do. These tools also give you a wider range of possible exercises to do.

If you’re aiming for a more serious weight or bodybuilding training, you might need a multi-gym based on stack weights to target specific muscle groups and get a more well-rounded workout.

“Which equipment will fit in my space?”

Don’t just figure out the size of the room. Make sure to include your floor’s weight capacity, electrical needs, as well as your height and arm span in your consideration.

Most retailers provide the dimensions of the gym equipment in all possible adjustments. They should also inform you of about possible additional attachments too. Such is the case of multi-function pieces of equipment like a sit-up bench that doubles as a Roman chair, or a power tower and a pull-up bar in one.

“Which equipment will fit my budget?”

You’re not just looking at your financial capacity, but your willingness to commit for the long run. After all, they’re worth the price as long as you work out every day, right?

Of course, the ideal behind investing in a home gym is so you wouldn’t have to sleep on your fitness goals. But, what if things go back to normal and you’re able to access your local gym again, what happens to your investment pieces? Or what if you have to relocate, can you take these gym equipments with you?

Consistency is key. You must choose based on how hardy you are towards your goals, in spite of significant life changes that might happen.

If you already have an equipment in mind, then feel free to check online. Just make sure you don’t quit on your goals halfway!


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