Ashton Flagship Showroom–Where Class And Meticulosity Meet

Here comes a new collection of a future-forward Italian-inspired architecture

Vision is the true north of invention. Such a claim cannot be any more honest now that classic stones, in their plain existence, may still be reimagined into something more meticulous, more detailed, and more artistic. 

From the wild mind of renowned designer and architect Daniel Germani comes a new collection of a future-forward Italian-inspired architecture. What were once classic stones have been decoded, recoded, and ultimately transformed into contemporary pieces called the Dekton’s Pietra Kode series of Cosentino Group.

Ashton flagship showroom

Ashton Technologies’ new flagship showroom in BGC, Taguig has brought Italy in one new enclosement that proudly showcases the series. This ultra-compact stone collection carries the weight of class and meticulosity, all for the eyes and senses of spectators.  At the center of it is a vision to reimagine the timeless appeal of three classic Italian stones: Vicenza, Travertine, and Ceppo di Gre. 

Vicenza Kode Series

The classic Vicenza pattern brings four new designs (VK01 Nebbia, VK02 Avorio, VK03 Grigio, and VK04 Grafite) reminiscent of the earth. The intricacy present in neutral cream, wood, and taupe surfaces naturally complement the edges–harnessing patterns that project distant dreams of barley fields and calm tuscan afternoon. 

Ashton flagship showroom

Travertine Kode Series 

The glorious days of the Roman empire are reimagined into marble-like pieces of stones– a technological vision that brings forth classical art and Renaissance in two designs called TK05 Sabbia and TK06 Marmorio. The luster imminent in them only enhances the vicarious feeling of being in rustic and natural environments at the same time. 

Ashton flagship showroom

Ceppo Kode Series

The reimagination of the Ceppo di Gre stone sheds light on the beauty of Milan through CK07 Ceppo. The vintage appeal of the stone seeps right into modernity, fully embedding itself to create a timeless design ideal for both indoor and outdoor architecture. 

Ashton flagship showroom

The Pietra Kode and the test of time

The Pieta Kode series is the third collaboration between Cosentino Group and Germani. In the first and second collections, Germani rendered an encompassing sensory experience through its Industrial and Chromica collections. However, this time, the architect deviates from the previous installments to create an Italian ambience from the timeless stone classic. 

As for Germani, the permanence that the collection holds cannot be undermined nor questioned by the hands of time. As he puts it, “Pietra Kode is a collection that showcases luxury in the small, understated details. It’s designed with the future in mind and compliments any space in a way that won’t go out of style.”

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