Avon Attraction Sensation: This Pair Of Fragrances Captures ‘The Gayuma Effect’

 It’s not ‘budol’ if every whiff smells this good.

Dating is all fun and games until you realize that you have to put effort and time into preparing. Whether you’re seeing someone special or you just want to feel good, a nice scent will work wonders for your mood. If you want to command attention, you don’t need strong-smelling fragrances. All you need is Avon’s newest fragrance line: Avon Attraction Sensation.

True to its name, this pair of fragrances capture the “gayuma” effect. That’s not surprising, seeing as how two distinguished perfumers designed it. Laurent Le Guernec and Michelle Defina made Avon Attraction for Her and for Him.

These fragrances will definitely awaken your senses and will last a day. Avon Attraction for Her has a mild floral and fruity scent. It also has a hint of Spicy Ginger, Jasmine, and Oriental Mandarin.

Meanwhile, Avon Attraction for Him is a magnetic force of spicy seduction. Its top notes feature spicy Black Pepper and Ginger Oil. Once you smell it, you’ll never go back to other fragrances. It also has a Clary Sage, fresh Lavender Oil, Patchouli, and Vetiver scent.

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You can head to avonshop.ph to purchase the Avon Attraction Sensation fragrance line. Alternatively, you can contact an Avon Representative to get your hands on it!

Featured Image Daniella Sison


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