Be Part Of The No-Smoke Generation With These New RELX Products

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Despite graphic warnings, cigarette smoking has been a habit of many Pinoys for years. Although they don’t plan to quit anytime soon, smoking is a problem. (One RELX can solve, but we’ll get to that in a bit.)

Not only are there limited smoking areas in the metro, but cigarette smoke can be unpleasant. Its smell tends to linger in your mouth, on your clothes, and on your hands. There’s also the guilt you feel when you expose non-smokers to secondhand smoke.

Luckily, many millennials are looking for a better smoking experience. That’s why they switched to RELX.

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This electronic cigarette is a game-changer. The juice inside their pods is compact and won’t leak compared to regular ones. You’ll never have to worry about the foul smell and you can reduce your nicotine intake if you can’t go cold turkey.

RELX user Wendy Calma said, “RELX helps me prevent smoking with its wide variety of pods. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to cigarettes again.”

Another user also shared, “I’ve been using RELX for a year now and it has been a great help! I no longer borrow lighters or bum cigarettes from my friends. Switching to RELX was the best choice I ever made.”

More and more smokers have switched to RELX, saying that it’s easy to use. They’ve released two new tones: Infinity Forest Allure and Essentials Gold Spark. The former has an elegant forest green hue. The latter’s gold tones give off an opulent feel.

Be part of the no-smoke generation and switch to the better smoking option: RELX.

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