5 Underrated YouTube Yogis to Subscribe to

YouTube has a lot of beginner-friendly yoga instructors if you’ve ever wanted to dip your toes into this restorative exercise. The first recommendation you’d get would likely be Yoga with Adrienne, who has almost 10 million subscribers on her channel. As much as we love her, too, you might want to check out some of these underrated yogis on the platform as well.

Jessica Richburg

She might not have the word “yoga” attached to her handle, but Jessica Richburg is legit. She’s a 500-hour certified yoga instructor that uploads videos every week, with different styles, lengths, and levels. Her soft voice and gentle guidance are what you need to get started on your mindful journey.

BK Yoga Club

There’s a lack of diversity in the yoga and wellness field, but Paris and Alicia are here to change that. BK Yoga Club’s objective was to create a space where they represented themselves, as well as people of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The two empowered women’s tandem is dynamic and uplifting, and you can catch them on Well+Good’s YouTube channel.

Yoga with Kassandra

If Vinyasa flows and Yin yoga is more of your pace, Yoga with Kassandra will be the right fit for you. Her presence is calming and her 10-minute morning yoga is a great way to start any day. Choose from over 500 videos on her channel that are suitable for all experience levels.

Sarah Beth Yoga

Sarah Beth understands that you come to your mat to stretch, strengthen, tone, or de-stress. She won’t make you sit through minutes of non-sense chatting and will get right into the flow. For 5 to 30 minutes, she’ll guide you with simple instructions that are easy to follow.


The popular meditation app, Headspace, also has guided yoga videos on the YouTube channel. When yoga and meditation are done simultaneously, they bring a sense of relaxation and clarity to the mind and body. Stay grounded on your mat and get in tune with your emotions.  

Having these free resources on YouTube is a wonderful way to encourage people to get into yoga. To support the yogis, subscribe to their channels and share their videos with everyone you know.  

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